Born In Rio


Rita is a driven 37 year-old who has dedicated the last 15 years of her life to her New York banking career. Raised by a hard-working woman who fled to the United States from Brazil back in the early 1980s, Rita’s foremost ambition is to succeed in the business world while sticking to a predictable, highly structured daily routine. With little time for a personal life, let alone any relationships, her hectic lifestyle in Manhattan is all-consuming – just the way she likes it.

But when Rita receives a call from a hospital in Florida, she has no choice but to put aside her ambitious plans and embark on a journey that will force her to encounter a past she never knew she had – and to come to terms with an unexpected reality.

Born in Rio is a tale of forgiveness, resilience and new beginnings, but, ultimately, it is a story about a woman’s courage to change and to face her truth.


A Story is Born

“This story has changed me. So I wrote it, to share with you.”  Cássia Martins

Cássia Martins © Copyright 2011

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