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The screenplay of Born in Rio was written by Charles Germain and Cassia Martins; both active members of the Women in Film and Video (WIFV) of Washington D.C. Their work was selected among many in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area to be featured in the 2017 edition of WIFV's Spotlight on Screenwriters. 


Their goal is to develop the screenplay into a movie.     

Charles Germain was born in France and now lives in Maryland and Brazil. He is fluent in five languages. Charles graduated as Digital Film Director from Boston University in 2013. He has directed full-length documentaries, commercials, short comedies and dramas. 

Cassia Martins was born in Brazil and now lives in Washington D.C. The author of Born in Rio, Cassia leveraged her vast writing experience and creativity during the development of Born in Rio’s screenplay adaptation with Charles Germain.  

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